Development of a strategic PMO | Main IT service-provider (Regional Banking)

Management support for the development of an enterprise-wide PMO for efficient steering of customer focused (x-unit) initiatives. As-is analysis, identification of gaps, definition of services and implementation of a quality gate process. Coaching of divisional management to place solution within the company: development of a mission, stakeholder management, communication.(46/2016)

IT Portfolio management optimization in a procurement organisation │ Leading Chemical Company

As-is situation analysed. Overall project management landscape and steady state tasks structured, responsibilities and deliverables defined. PPM board set up. Portfolio process with quality gates and templates defined. Concept for project prioritization and resource allocation developed. Team presentation and internal communication enhanced. (44/2014)

Definition of a sustainability strategy for a global competition │ Global Sports Association

Workshop with international steering and hosting country delegates prepared and conducted. Main project and discussion scope agreed. Relevant stakeholder groups and material topics defined. Bilateral governance in due consideration of DIN ISO 20121 drafted and agreed. Report drafted as a base for a detailed sustainability agenda. (43/2013)

Integration of sustainability into business portfolio │ Consultancy (SME)

Strategy defined, consulting and training portfolio adjusted, company website revised. (37/2011)

Development of strategy, organisation, portfolio, market entry │ Commercial Cooperative (start-up)

Business development. As a consultant also responsible for guiding principles. Several workshops conducted to define vision, mission, values and align them with all cooperative members. Marketing communication regarding sustainability developed. (36/2011)

Development of an industry-specific supplier management software │ Start-up (IT Consultancy)

Sustainability criteria for prequalification of suppliers defined. (35/2011)

Strategy development and –implementation │ Young Consultancy for Ecological and Social Standards

Business development. As-is-situation analysed, strategy defined, gaps identified, consulting and training portfolio structured. Cooperation’s initiated, e.g. with universities and software companies and information on website revised. GRI reporting trainings managed: training material translated and adapted to German standards. Trainings set-up, marketed and conducted. Business partnerships identified and coordinated. (33-34/2011)

Support in business planning and formation │ Various Start-ups (Event, Retail, Media, Biotech)

Consulting and coaching regarding start-up decisions, business planning, strategies, market positioning, product portfolio, communication, risk assessment, organizational setup and fulfilment. (28-31/2009)

Development of a common project management method and process │ Public Private Partnership (IT Outsourcing in a large-scale Consortium)

Common Project Management (PM) method and deliverables defined, PM guideline (consortial handbook) deployed. Project Portfolio Management process for approval and tracking ("Quality Gates") as well as Program Management responsibilities and governance defined. Deliverables aligned and approved by all internal stakeholders. Go-Live training (online and on-site) prepared and conducted. Responsible for review of Quality Management (QM) guidelines. (26/2007)

Development of a unified billing solution for seven regional and one long-distance operator │ Telecoms Holding (Russia)

Responsibility for training strategy. Training scenarios for system and processes across all operational entities developed. Approach aligned with the overall strategy. Workshop with eight CIOs facilitated. Training planned, aligned with testing team and handed over to local colleagues for next project phase (implementation). (21/2005)

Develop a strategic EMEA software license management solution │ Major Outsourcing Company

Consultant in a team of two. Organizational options, market tools and solution models assessed. Requirements for various interfaces defined, organizational issues addressed, governance and processes developed. Stakeholders coordinated, worldwide alignment ensured. Business case for macro design supported (approved). (20/2005)

Increase efficiency in IT asset management by harmonization and centralization (Re-Organization)│ Major Outsourcing Company

Processes & tools assessed on country-level (interviews). Requirements for a strategic solution defined, prioritised and justified. Centralized EMEA order desk processes and functions defined. Tight alignment between strategy, processes and tool development ensured. (19/2004)

Large-scale CRM implementation program (incl. infrastructure, applications, contact center) │ Incumbent in Eastern Europe (Telecoms)

Responsibility to ensure program is in line with existing business strategies. Strategic initiatives structured, consolidated and analyzed regarding to future IT plans. Roadmap developed with implications on the operating model (processes, organization and IT). Local handover. (17/2003)

Complete redesign of commissioning structure (7.000 agencies) in a major cost cutting program │ Major Postal & Logistics Company

Member of team (of four); responsibility for product portfolio and contractual issues. As-is situation analysed. Requirements compiled and aligned with all relevant org. units, e.g. partner management, sales departments, product management, legal services. Final decisions mapped in a new partner contract (coordination with external lawyer). Implementation workshop with sales team facilitated. Training and reporting material for contract roll-out prepared. Correlation analysis between comission payments and geographical data conducted. (13/2002)



Setup of a data center and migration of all assets │ infrastructure and applications (Market Research Institut)

Responsible for the governance of the project (~ € 20 Mio). Development of organizational setup, high-level planning, processes, communication structure, roles & responsibilities, RACI etc. Achieve a common understanding, visualize and communicate the framework as a single source of reference.

Involvement in developing a disaster recovery solution for the most business-critical application (48/2017)

Optimization for complex IT product processes │ Main IT service-provider (Insurance)

As-is analysis, development of a process landscape, clustering 300 cross-functional processes, realization of quick wins. Definition of roles & responsibilities as well as reporting to enable a proper steering. (47/2017)

Global rollout of internal sustainability communication │ Leading Chemical Company

Communication structure defined, general template for material topics agreed with relevant stakeholders. Template implemented and communicated for two topics: Human Rights and Biodiversity. Global rollout concept drafted. Tool to monitor achievement of objectives evaluated, customized and implemented. (42/2013)

Establish sustainability purpose in global Employee Engagement │ Leading Chemical Company

Project Management and overall support of internal sustainability communications. Content assessed, developed and aligned with various units on corporate level (business, HR etc.). Concept for training tools developed: central presentations, sustainability examples, training modules, events. Master presentations for a train-the-trainer-approach developed. Script for e-learning module drafted and external supplier coordinated. Rollout plan aligned with global HR. (40-41/2013)

Definition of a common sustainability understanding │ Leading Chemical Company

Numerous existing discussions consolidated. Stakeholders involved, alignment agreed in order to prepare Board session. CXO briefing material compiled. Results documented and first communication developed, as a basis for corporate strategy implementation. (39/2012)

Sustainability strategy implementation (Pilots)│ Leading Chemical Company

Projects coordinated and supported to anchor sustainability topics in business portfolio and pilot processes (e.g. HR, R&D, M&A). Results consolidated and aligned with all departments involved. SD governance discussions structured (on global and unit level). Board decision paper complied. Board decision for further project rollout documented. (38/2012)

Employee involvement in office reconstruction │ Health Insurance Company

Workshop facilitator. Employee feedback to architectural plans worked out, results structured and prioritized. (32/2010)

Implementation management for a centralized DMS │ German Insurance Company

All activities coordinated as implementation manager. Special focus on training plan: content, modules, time, target groups, prerequisites, test data etc. E-Learning module content and storyboard set-up, reconciliation of special departments and external supplier ensured. (27/2008)

Establish Nordic Service Level for Transformation Project │ IT Outsourcing (Scandinavian Bank)

Plan and define selected SLAs in a unified, cost effective way. Coordinate SLAs with subject matter experts. Manage the development and implementation of related contractual and internal operational reports. (25/2006)

Establish SD processes for Transformation Project │ IT Outsourcing (Scandinavian Bank)

Responsibility for two operational IBM processes, in line with ITIL: SLA Metrics (Control Service Levels) and Global Reporting (Provide Service Delivery Measurements and Reports).

Processes planned, defined, aligned and deployed across the organization – including customer interface negotiations, internal communication as well as training for several target groups, online and onsite. (23-24/2006)

Transformation program to reinforce customer orientation │ Large Insurance Company

Approach for possible initiatives defined, pilots justified and Quick Wins identified. (22/2005)

Scope definition for a comprehensive Customer Evolution Program │ Mobile Operator (UK)

Responsible for order management processes in business change team. Best practices and strategic needs assessed, high-level processes drafted. (18/2004)

CRM Implementation │ Internet Service Provider

Process and requirements definition for advertising sales and -reporting. To-be processes defined,  requirement specifications documented for ad sales processes as well as sales reporting (including high-level reporting model). (16/2003)

Comprehensive IT system implementation (DMS, workflow, data processing)│ German Authority

Responsibility to assess the impact of future IT architecture and system changes on selected end-to-end processes. As is processing times measured. Model to anticipate future processing times developed. Impact of system implementation on existing processes assessed. Quick Wins identified. (15/2003)


Against the background of a short timeframe, Almut Stielau did  manage the project to my fullest satisfaction - on time and in budget.

Her work led to tangible results for our department.

I am happy to recommend her without any reservations

VP Controlling & Governance, Chemical Company


Almut Stielau

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